nicholas alexander

Hugo Lynch - DEAD SLOW HOOT: "Nick is amazing at what he does, simple as that really. From the moment we played him the demos for our EP to him we felt like we were in safe hands. He made the recording process as smooth as possible and he immediately understood the effect we were going for without the need for exhaustive edits, resulting in an incredibly professional final product that only took four days to record. I can’t stress enough how efficient the process was with Nick; we came in with a tight budget which limited the amount of time we could spend in the studio, but we never once felt that we were being rushed out or that we were being led in the wrong direction. Furthermore, he was actively involved with the process and really put his full attention into each of our songs, adding harmonies and organ lines in spaces that we hadn’t even noticed. Working with Nick was a truly excellent experience and we will definitely be returning to him with our next project!"

James Pannell - BISCUIT KISS: "A wiry Alchemist of sound. He knew what the right recording technique was for us, exhaustively capturing live takes with excellent separation between instruments. He nailed my guitar sound and was willing to do things like re-amping, midi mapping and talking eq curves. He will patiently listen to you whilst you ask the music to sound punchy yet detailed. A darling of the industry."

Photo by Jack Motley

Andrew Hirst - NIXON: "I've recorded with Nick many times for multiple projects over the years, and I've always gone back to him for a reason. Along with what's expected from a professional (e.g. he knows his way around his recording software, his equipment is good, and the recordings always sound crisp and clear) the main thing I appreciate about Nick is that he always gives productive and creative input during the recording process, suggesting new ways of playing or arranging certain parts that can pan out in surprising and positive new ways. He doesn't just press 'record' and sit back - he is actively engaged in the process, and seems to genuinely care about everything he records."

Fraser Wilson - ALBION: "Nick is superb to work with because he is a great musician AND engineer.   He knows the musical effect that you’re after and harnesses the technology to deliver it – never the other way round. Being an intuitive and sensitive musician himself, I can completely trust his judgement – invaluable when the pressure is on. The best engineer-producers are highly inventive and come up with results that are more musical than what the artist originally fed in, and that’s certainly the case with Nick. Every part of the process, from planning to results, comes off professionally and stylishly.  He’s a real all-rounder who’s great fun to work with and a valuable part of any musical team."

Nicholas Alexander is a composer and producer working out of Sheffield, UK.  This website contains samples of his songwriting, producing and examples of his media composition.

His work as songwriter and producer for Screaming Maldini garnered rave critical reviews.  Their self-titled debut album, although missing out on commercial success in the UK, peaked at #3 on the Japanese iTunes Alternative Chart in January 2014, and saw them play a sell out tour in Japan in April 2014.  Nicholas took his arranging and producing skills beyond the studio with Screaming Maldini and often arranged their songs for orchestras, choirs, smaller instrumental groups, and one memorable time, a flashmob of 40 singers. Highlights along the way included a show for BBC Radio 2's Festival in a Day at Hyde Park, London in 2013, and sell-out headline shows in Sheffield and London.

Two of their songs - The Awakening and Summer, Somewhere - appeared on the 2013 series of Channel 4's Made in Chelsea, and between them have amassed over 100,000 plays on YouTube.

Nicholas is also a professional singer.  He has been an alto Songman at Sheffield Cathedral, UK, since September 2006.  In his time there, he has recorded three CDs with the choir (producing one of those himself), sung in many broadcasts for BBC Radio 3, toured Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, and Slovakia and sung for the Queen on two occasions.