Nick's skill, creativity and professionalism in all our work together - from live performances to recording sessions, composition and songwriting to creative production - has always been exceptional.  He has just the right approach, always brings the best out of you, and is a pleasure to work with.

Nick is amazing at what he does, simple as that really. He immediately understood the effect we were going for, resulting in an incredible final product that only took four days to record. He was actively involved with the process and gave his full attention to each of our songs, adding harmonies and organ lines in spaces that we hadn’t even noticed.


Nick always gives productive and creative input during the recording process, suggesting new ways of playing or arranging certain parts that can pan out in surprising and positive new ways. He doesn't just press 'record' and sit back - he is actively engaged in the process, and seems to genuinely care about everything he records.


A wiry Alchemist of sound. He knew what the right recording technique was for us, exhaustively capturing live takes with excellent separation between instruments. He nailed my guitar sound and was willing to do things like re-amping, midi mapping and talking eq curves. A darling of the industry.

Working with Nicholas was incredible. He is not only very professional but he knows how to align with your ideas and music style.


Nick is a great musician AND engineer.   He knows the musical effect that you’re after and harnesses the technology to deliver it. Being an intuitive and sensitive musician himself, I can completely trust his judgement – invaluable when the pressure is on. The best engineer-producers are highly inventive and come up with results that are more musical than what the artist originally fed in, and that’s certainly the case with Nick. Every part of the process, from planning to results, comes off professionally and stylishly.